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Publikációs adatbázise-GFR kalkulátorKidney and Blood Pressure ResearchHypertonia és Nephrologia
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    Társasági hírek

    Hírkategória: Általános
    • Felkérés az EXTRIP munkacsoporttól guideline-ok fejlesztésére, tudományos felmérésben történő részvételre
      [2015.03.27.] - MANET - Hírkategória: Általános
      Kedves Kollégák!

      Az EXTRIP munkacsoporttól Kanadából Dr. Marc Ghannoumtól megkeresés érkezett, hogy a régióból találjunk kollégákat, akik szívesen részt vesznek guidelines fejlesztésben, illetve tudományos felmérésben. Kérem, aki jelentkezni kíván, az Dr. Marc Ghannoumnak a marcghannoum@gmail.com e-mail címre és másolatban Prof. Dr. Rosivall Lászlónak is továbbítsa a levelét.


      Prof. Dr. Rosivall Lászlo Rosivall, MD, PHD, DSc Med, Med habil.
      E-mail: rosivall.laszlo@med.semmelweis-univ.hu

      A felhívás eredeti szövege alább olvasható:

      "Dear Professor Rosivall,

      I’m a Canadian nephrologist and chair of an international workgroup (EXTRIP) providing guidelines on the use of dialysis and other extracorporeal treatments in the context of poisonings. Information on this initiative can be found on our website: http://www.extrip-workgroup.org. This initiative is endorsed by several medical societies including the ASN, NKF, SCCM and ERBP, and several of our papers have already been published in significant journals. We are currently preparing a second round of reviews and are seeking prospective members especially if they are in a geographical location that is not sufficiently represented. In short, we would like to know the following:

      1) Would you be interested in participating for the development on future guidelines? This would entail assisting with the literature review, voting and drafting of the paper along with other participants of EXTRIP. Furthermore, you would have a role in representing the national and international societies to which you currently belong and assist the process for guideline endorsement. We cannot yet confirm your participation: this will ultimately depend on how many physicians show interest, their geographical location, the time you can commit to this initiative and the available budget available to us. I’ll gladly pass along more details if interested.

      2) EXTRIP, partnering with the International Society of Nephrology (ISN), the CRRT association and the Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative (ADQI), is presently conducting a survey on the costs of extracorporeal treatments (ECTRs). The result of this survey will help balance the pros and cons associated with the use of ECTRs, especially in situations where the indications are marginal or unclear. We are hoping that you could take a moment of your time to fill out this survey. It should take about 30 minutes. Feel free to consult with relevant colleagues, including unit managers, senior dialysis nurses or technicians or the finance bureau or department at your hospital to ensure the accuracy of these cost estimates. We would be very grateful if you also forwarded this email to colleagues. All responses will be confidential and remain anonymous. It is anticipated that there will be variability between institutions within the same country, so we are surveying multiple nephrologists within the same region. Results will be analyzed in aggregate and at no time will individual responses be made available to anyone other than the epidemiologist. In exchange for valid and complete answers, we will acknowledge your contribution in any publication that will result from this survey. A paypal money transfer will also be offered as appreciation of your collaboration. Please use the following link to submit your survey answers: http://fluidsurveys.com/s/survey_on_costs_of_extracorporeal_treatment_2015/ >>

      Do not hesitate if you have any questions or comments. Thank you in advance for this precious collaboration,

      Dr. Marc Ghannoum
      EXTRIP Chair
      Montreal, Canada"